ACE Graphite

ACE Graphite evolved as a subsidiary of ACE Marketing & is involved in sourcing, importing and distribution of isostatic graphite, extruded graphite, graphite insulation board, soft felt, CFC (Carbon Fiber Composite) & other graphite components. We source our graphite range mainly from reputed companies from Japan & Korea.


Our manufacturers use the most modern equipment available, our quality control ensures superior quality products. We take great pride in our trade.


ACE Graphite is a subsidiary of ACE Marketing, a distribution/ trading / manufacturing company.

ACE  Graphite

ACE Marketing

ACE Marketing primarily started as a distribution & trading company two decades ago. ACE has ventured into machinery / manufacturing in the recent years and has its own machining facility in multiple locations. ACE has arrangements with this partners to provide quality and speedy services. ACE has expertise in identifying & procuring quality products for its own distribution and its customers on a consultancy basis.

ACE has been instrumental in establishing brands like SunSensors by Corning, ACE - Opthalmic Lenses, Skaber - Cable Management Systems, JetAge - Soft Luggage and Totes etc.

Quality and peace of mind

Excellent customer service and on time delivery of high quality products at fair price makes us stand out as a company.

Contact us for your graphite needs. 

What We Offer

ACE Marketing is a company established in New Delhi and specialises in sourcing, importing & marketing its products all over India directly and through distributors and Agents and also exports to many countries. 

​We believe in sourcing quality products after understanding the market/customer requirements. ACE Graphite has the best of specification/properties required for every application such as EDM / Metallurgical Industry / Electronic, Semi-conductor & Solar / Vacuum Furnace to name few.

About Our Company